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Live Love Out Loud!


For the overwhelming majority of us…

There will be no marker or museum at the house we lived in when we were born

There will be no city or street named after us

There will be no wiki page in our name

There will be no mention of us in the History Books taught to future generations

There will be no historical markers with our name on them

We will not be held up as an example in any political speeches now or in 100 years

In effect, we will leave very little lasting effect on this earth.

We WILL leave an effect on the lives and hearts of those we’ve touched in our own lives (either positively or negatively), but alas, that too, is only temporary as eventually everyone who knows us and will talk about us will, in their own time, pass into eternity.

But we CAN leave a permanent effect (either positively or negatively) on this earth by the morals and values that we teach and pass on through our actions and our words.  THIS can be passed on for generations to come, touching life after life far into the future, long after we have turned to dust.

We live and teach such things as faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love.

Go and make a positive, potentially permanent mark on this world.

Go live LOVE out loud!

It’s the only way we get to participate in the forever promises of God’s love for all creation.




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