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Welcome to the sometimes wacky world of pastor Tommy’s Theological Thinking.

I have had an earlier blog, but wanted to start fresh.  I grew tired of it before, always feeling like I beat my head against the wall.  More daily, short stuff with occasional rantings and long soapbox posts, some just sharing pictures and quotes, some of those probably sacrilegious.  I am in fact a pastor, ordained by the United Methodist Church.  I am a student of the Bible.  I am more progressive in many areas.  I am much more liberal theologically and hard to read politically.  I am honest and open, not believing you have to check your brain or your fun when you are ordained or answer God’s Call to PREACH the gospel (more through actions than words).  I am human.   I am me!

In this place you are free to comment–in fact, I cherish the discussion, but be nice.  It’s all about love!  Ugly, hurtful posts that are aimed generally at a group or at an individual will not long remain on this site.  I am the master of this domain :).

We’ve grown up learning about the gospel, but perhaps what we learned needs to be questioned, redacted, or even done away with–perhaps it needs to be affirmed and confirmed, but it definitely needs to be REAL.  Jesus sent us into the real world to spread the gospel.  We can’t do that without being REAL about it–real honest, real open, real talk, real world.

I love to present food for thought and to challenge us all to re-think church, re-think evangelism–re-think theology, and of course yes–RE-THINK Jesus.

site is still under construction and getting used to a new site may take time–be patient with me! 🙂
What sorts of things should I talk about? or what should I avoid? What do YOU want to talk about?


May the musings begin!


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