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Drive-By Sermons


This just in from Aurora, Colorado: 

AURORA – A drive-by shooting investigation that killed one man has closed several lanes near the intersection of E. Alameda Avenue and S. Ironton St. Tuesday morning.

Police found the victim in a car parked on the east sidewalk of S. Ironton Street north of E. Alameda Avenue shortly before midnight.

The doors in the car were locked, and the victim was unresponsive when officers arrived. Officers broke a window, pulled the victim from the vehicle and performed CPR until paramedics arrived. The victim was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

From Wikipedia:

drive-by shooting (or drive-by) is a form of hit-and-run tactic, a personal attack carried out by an individual or individuals from a moving vehicle without use of headlights to avoid being noticed.] It often results in bystanders being shot instead of, or as well as, the intended target. The objective is to overwhelm the target by a sudden, massive amount of firepower without attention to accuracy.

So commonplace in our society, we can just say “driveby” and folks unfortunately know what it means.  There’s a sadness to it that comes from multiple angles.  1) Even though in many cases, society will simply think the intended victim deserved what was coming, there is the sudden, unexpected attack while folks are going about their business talking with friends or family, walking down the street, simply (at least at the time) minding their own business.  2) There are too often, innocents, unknown to the target or the victim, who simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time–the saddest of course, being when young children are killed in their own homes by stray bullets from such an attack.  Far too often, statistically the overwhelming majority of these are on the fringe of society–the poor, the homeless, the under educated, the broken families.  3) The attacker simply leaves the scene quickly, while most or all of the victims have no idea who it even was.  Sometimes it is referred to as a “shoot n scoot.”  It is a cowardly, selfish, harsh, and heartless–carried out by someone with no thought of the full and complete consequences of their actions, concerned only with making a very public point, which most of the victims don’t even care about anyway.  Very sad.

According to Wiki, this tactic has been around for decades in military, assassinations, and gang violence.  Not surprisingly, it has been around in the Church culture for even longer.  We may not be aware of it, but the Internet has caused it to be more visible.


Too many of our Christian brothers and sisters participate in these drive by sermons.  They come along, see an opportunity to deliver a good one liner, generally aimed at trying to prove some point, using Scripture as a weapon, er, sorry–guide for their words.  Then after delivering the shooting they scoot on, patting themselves on the back for a job well done.  Yes, they’ve shared God’s word, acting as spokesperson and publicist for the Almighty–the creator and savior of the universe.  

I suppose (but do not know) that there is some perverse pleasure taken when they lay their heads down on their pillow at night, that they sure “told them.”  They are not around for the aftermath, the fallout, the grieving, those that are knocked down and need help getting picked back up.  They are so confident that they are simply doing God’s will, that they are not aware, or worse, not concerned with the innocents caught up in the random fire of their ambush style assault–folks that were just minding their own business, living life.  The “little children” of God, some grown up, some estranged children, some who have left the nest either as prodigals or as refugees, but nevertheless, those that need God’s love the most.  These are the ones on the fringe of our own Christian society, the outcast, the poor, the marginalized.  Instead of hearing words of welcome and love, they hear the condemnation of those who wear the label–follower of Christ.  And the excuse used when someone does get hurt is: “I’m not sayin’ it.  GOD is.  Take your hurt and your issues with it up with HIM.”

Giving the full benefit of the doubt, these would be evangelists surely have good motives.  Surely they desire a positive outcome, say bringing someone into a right relationship with Christ, showing someone the right way to be saved from Hell.  So, just maybe they mean good, but let’s look at the results.

Has anyone been “saved” or converted from such demonstrations?  I picture now in my mind the anti protesters in Newton, NC–“defending” pastor Worely, who just 2 weeks ago, called for the confinement of Gays and Lesbians in Concentration camps until they die.  They yelled at folks, carried signs, and chanted to them that they were all bound for hell and that they SHOULD burn in hell.  Hmm, wonder how many of those who were yelled at had any change of heart from this type of drive by sermon?

But those are just the more public ones in the media.  What about the words we say to each other in haste?  What about the words we say by our actions? What about the words on our church signs?  And then there’ social media…

What about the post recently on my own page from a person I respect and genuinely call friend.  It seems that every time this person gets a chance on anyone’s wall to speak “the truth” about what the Bible says about homosexuality, he does–to the point of berating (politely) those on my wall who called Rev. Worely (see http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/05/23/3259057/pastors-anti-gay-sermon-spurs.html )a “moron.”  My well meaning friend questioned whether or not the guests on my wall were showing the love of Christ in their comments about a post I had made…but my friend hasn’t been so public as to post on his own wall anything condemning said preacher’s call for new concentration camps, a point which, I must admit bothered me–to see my friends condemned for calling him a moron or his followers uneducated was worthy of a drive by sermon, but pastor Worley’s call for concentration camps was worthy of….silence.

This is not the first of his drive-by sermons on my wall or the walls of friends of mine–all in the same manner.   Drop in, shoot, then scoot.  In this case, when two of us called him back to explain further, his choice was to simply say, “let’s work it out AWAY from facebook,” giving a nod that he does in fact disagree with putting all gays and lesbians in concentration camps, but you know, that wasn’t the point….really?

But unfortunately, many of those insulted by his condemning question don’t know him EXCEPT on that one thread on my wall, hence even if he and I did work it out “away from facebook,” those innocents hurt by the shoot and scoot sermon will never hear any sort of apology, clarification, or affirmation from the drive-by preacher.  No one was helped–not one bit.  If the goal was to lead them away from their stance on homosexuality (not all were gay, some just spoke words of affirmation for their GLTB friends) and no one was led to be closer to Jesus, closer to God.  In other words, there was no benefit for anyone except the shooter (who perhaps could pat himself on the back and rest easy, knowing he had simply spoken “the truth” to those rotten sinners who needed to hear it).  

But several were hurt and they are left in the wake of the having been in the line of fire–left to pick up the pieces.  And they are the marginalized from the church, those who either have or currently are searching for God’s love made real here on earth–a love that loves them and accepts them as they are.  Was there any good, any point, any use for the drive-by?  Or was it the worst kind of drive by–the random shooting?  I MUST reiterate, I love my friend and wish him no harm.  I believe he has a good heart and a passion for Jesus, but I wish he’s stay out of my neighborhood if the drive by’s are going to continue.  It not only hurts individuals–it hurts the body of Christ.  It makes us all look bad.

Let’s put an end to drive by sermons.  If we disagree, let’s discuss, openly, lovingly, non judgmentally, with compassion and two way dialogue and open hearts, open minds, and open doors.  Let’s create a safe space for all sides and if we speak words that harm, let’s at least make sure we stay around to help pick up the pieces.

It’s all about love.



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