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Musings of a "not so good" Christian

“A church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.”         

I have heard this quote with more frequency in the last few years. I like it, but is it really true.

Here are a few vignettes and then my thoughts.

1980’s-Televangelist Jim Bakker accused of misappropriating money given to his ministry and to his Christian amusement park. He is denounced by those that were formally his friends and colleagues. Jerry Falwell steps into “help” and then assumes control of his ministry and rejects Rev. Bakker.

Around the same time Jimmy Swaggart, another televangelist is caught with his pants down (literally), in a hotel room with a sex worker. Through tearful sobbing on television and backroom strong arm tactics remains in ministry, but rejected by many other evangelicals as an embarrassment.

1990’s (?)- Mel White, a ghost writer for many leaders in the evangelical movement comes…

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